Veterans Programs Mission

The Mission of Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is to provide high quality and compassionate health care services for our Veterans and provide support for their families.  We strive to coordinate quality of care with dignity; and honor to Veterans and families.
As a Veteran benefit, more than half of the cost of care is covered.  For Veterans that have a 70% or higher service connected disability, 100% of the cost is covered.  All Veterans are eligible for this significant financial benefit.

Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers the very best in quality care with a specialized focus on our Veterans Programming. 

Dedicated to Caring for our Veterans

Our stated purpose is to care for the needs of these valiant men and women with gratitude, a reverence for life, and a heart for healing. To find enjoyment and meaning in the moments of each day is the essence of living. At Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we are committed to create and maintain a high standard of living for all Veterans we have the privilege of serving.

Remembering Service and Sacrifice

It is said that a nation’s gratitude is measured by the way its people honor their defenders. To defend the Constitution, serve in harm’s way, and bear the cost of freedom for all is a sacrifice worthy of active gratitude.  As a community dedicated to honoring senior citizens that have served their country or community, the approach is simple; treat all veterans and their family with the same respect and dignity they would want for their own families.  We take our responsibility for the care of Veterans very seriously and believe that they deserve the absolute best. We strive to honor and serve our nation’s aging veterans, as they have honored us through their service and sacrifice.

We provide high quality nursing and personal care, applied with courtesy and compassion. Our reverence for life emphasizes the individuality of every person in our care. Compassion is a part of all we do. Working together, our staff, residents, and volunteers create a community that seeks to uphold and affirm the dignity and joy of life as we care for the physical and emotional needs of our residents. Daily activities are designed to satisfy the mind and body.

We are a VA and Medicare certified health care community, striving to honor Veterans through dedicated and compassionate care.


 Many veterans in hospice have never talked much about their military service. They did their job; they came home; they went to work or college. For most, military service was a high point in their lives. Before their death, they may need to reconcile issues surrounding their service, particularly during wartime.  Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center provides holistic, interdisciplinary end-of-life care to nursing home residents and their families.  We acknowledge the unique physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of each person. We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and service to patients, families, caregivers, visitors and each other.


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