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Skilled Nursing Care



Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, a Joint Commission Accredited rehabilitation and nursing center, offers a complete range of programs and services to meet the health care needs of older adults and their families. Since our establishment in 1898, Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has consistently provided quality skilled nursing care and services to those we serve. As a skilled nursing facility, we are able to provide a wide range of services including: IV therapies, medical nutrition, wound treatments and prevention, as well as end-of life services. Our organization is recognized as one of the leaders in senior residential and continuing care services in Worcester County. This reputation is based on over 110 years of experience providing skilled nursing care.

Rehabilitation Therapies

Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers a diverse team of therapists and doctors who offer our residents some of the most progressive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy programs in the area. Our state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Department uses advanced techniques and equipment which improves patient outcomes resulting in earlier discharges to home. All of the rehabilitation programs we offer are carefully designed to assist patients in regaining their optimal functionality and independence. Our occupational therapists focus on assistive device usage, work simplification techniques to ease activities of daily living and upper body strengthening - necessary skills for daily living. Our physical therapists focus on lower body strengthening, gait training, transfer abilities, and balance. Speech therapists focus on managing swallowing deficits, developing problem solving abilities, and improving speech and language skills. Together, their goal is to provide each resident with the opportunity to overcome barriers and re-master lost functional skills due to limitations caused by illness or age.

What is Short-Term Rehabilitation?

Short-term rehabilitation facilities provide therapy for individuals recovering from a surgery, illness or accident. Generally, those needing short-term, in-patient rehabilitation may remain involved in their program at a facility for as little as a couple of days to as many as several weeks.

Short-term rehabilitation programs help patients achieve their maximum functional capacity and get back to their homes and community in the shortest time possible. To achieve this goal, patients receive physical, occupational and speech therapy from compassionate and highly skilled therapists. Therapists are part of a team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers and nutritionists, who work with the patient and family members to develop an individualized care plan.




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